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Walkthrough for Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

. There are several different endings to the game, but this walkthough will get you to the main one, because that's the one that allows you to use the "New Game +" option when creating a new file. To start playing, select "New Game" and choose your battle options. You will then meet your main character. His usual name is Crono, but you may change it here if you like. Now it's time to begin.

1. The Millennial Fair

As the game begins, we see there is a party going on in a quiet town. We then see Crono sleeping in bed, but his mom soon wakes him up. He's very excited about the "Millennial Fair", which must be what you saw in the opening sequence. Go downstairs and talk to Crono's mom. She'll tell you that Crono's friend Lucca wanted him to see her new invention at the fair. Talk to her again and she'll give you 200 G as allowance. Go outside and head for the Mayor's Manor. Here you can learn how to play the game, as well as pick up some useful treasures. Talk to the elderly man upstairs twice and he'll give you an extra 300 G. After that head for Leene Square, where the fair is taking place. The first thing you should do is find Melchior the weapon smith and buy an Iron Blade. You should also pick up a BronzeHelm and a Karate Gi. Head north and walk to the next screen. You will see a girl in white walking around. As you approach her, you'll bump heads. Talk to her again and she'll realize her pendant is missing. Pick it up and return it to her and she'll be very thankful. She's new around here, and asks you to show her around. She'll introduce herself as Marle, and quickly becomes a good friend. Head west and you may see a cat sitting around. Talk to it and it will follow you around. To the east is the girl who owns it, and she'll be very thankful for its safe return. You should now begin collecting Silver Points by playing games. The best game to play is probably fighting Lucca's robot, Gato. He's easy to beat, and you get 15 Silver Points every time you win. If you need HP and MP, just take a nap at Crono's house. Once you have 40 Silver Points, head for the "Tent of Horrors" at the east end of the first screen. You can play a variety of different games here, but the one which costs 40 Silver Points is very important. Here you will see an exact duplicate of Crono. Mimic what it does and you'll win it as a prize, which you will need later on. Once you've won the game, talk to the girl sitting on the edge of the fountain near the entrance to the fair. She'll tell you Lucca's new invention is ready, and that it's at the north end of the square. When you try to go there, Marle will stop to buy candy. Don't move away from her until she's decided what she wants, then head north. Lucca's new invention, a teleportation device, is on display, but no one wants to try it. Talk to Lucca and Crono will volunteer to try it. Step onto the left platform and you'll be teleported to the right one. After seeing Crono do it, Marle tries it out, but the Telepod reacts to her pendant and she vanishes! Pick up the Pendant and Lucca will send Crono after her.

2. The Queen Returns

Crono arrives in a forest, surrounded by Blue Imps. Luckily, they aren't hard to defeat. Head west and make your way south, but pick up the Tonic and PowerGlove along the way. When you leave this area, you'll find yourself in a village similar to Truce, Crono's hometown. However, instead of Leene Square, there's a place called Truce Canyon, which is where you appeared. Talk to the villagers and you'll learn you've traveled 400 years into the past, to the year 600 A.D.! You'll also hear that Queen Leene had vanished, but she was found in the mountains. Head west to Guardia Forest and make your way through it to reach Guardia Castle. The enemies aren't too tough, and if you do run into trouble you should have Crono's Cyclone attack by now. On your way through, you should see two sparkles on the ground in the southeast region of the forest. One is Power Tab so be sure to get it. The other will cause enemies to appear, but you can handle them. There are also bushes which shake, and usually enemies pop out as you approach. However, one bush has a creature which emerges if you press A on it and drops a Shelter as it runs off. When you reach Guardia Castle, you'll be stopped by two soldiers, but Queen Leene says you're a friend of hers and they let you in. Immediately you can either head left to rest, or you can go right to the dining room. Either place allows you to restore your HP and MP. You should also search the castle for treasures and talk to the people there to learn about what's going on. You may recall that there's a big war against an evil wizard named Magus. When you're through searching the castle, head upstairs and talk to Queen Leene. You'll learn that it's really Marle, but she has been mistaken for the queen. However, something strange happens, and Marle disappears again!

3. The Queen is Gone

Head downstairs and you'll run into Lucca, who has now followed Crono back in time. She tells you an interesting tidbit about Marle when you tell her what happened. Marle is actually Princess Nadia, the daughter of the king in Crono's time! In this time, Queen Leene was kidnapped, but then rescued. However, since Marle looks just like her, the search was called off when the soldiers saw her. However, that means Leene was never rescued and probably killed, so Marle was never born, which explains her disappearance. In order to restore Marle to life, Crono and Lucca must locate and rescue Queen Leene. The best place to search is the Cathedral to the west. Make your way back through the forest and stop at the market to pick up supplies and equipment. Head for the Cathedral and talk to the nun by the organ and you'll see something sparkling on the floor. When you pick it up and realize it belongs to Queen Leene, you'll be attacked by four Naga-ettes. They each have 60 HP, making them a little harder than what you've seen so far. When you beat them, a fifth will surprise Lucca from behind, but a frog with clothes and a sword quickly appears and kills it. He too is searching for Queen Leene, so you should welcome him into the group (despite Lucca's protest). With Frog in your party, play the organ and a secret door will appear. Inside you'll find all sorts of enemies, but having a team of three makes it much easier. Head left right away and pick up the Tonic and Revive there. Head up the east stairs and you'll find a room full of drunken monsters who think you're on their side. They explain that someone named Yakra kidnapped the Chancellor and disguised himself in order to replace him and kidnap the queen. One of them leaves to check on a statue of Magus. Follow him and you'll find some monsters disguised as people from Guardia Castle. Defeat them and head through the wall on the right to reach a secret room where Magus' statue is kept. Here you can pick up a Speed Belt and a Defender, which are good accessories at this point. Head up the stairs on the west side of the Cathedral and you can pick up a SteelSaber for Crono. In one room you'll find various treasures, including a MaidenSuit for Lucca. Check the cabinet here and you'll also find something called the "Naga-ette Bromide". This will help you get something later. The skull on the wall beside the other door will lower the spikes and let you find some soldiers who were captured. There's also a Power Tab in the bucket there. Next head through the center door. There's a save point inside, so save and use a Shelter if you need it. Go up the stairs and go right. Slide down the stairs there and go north. After fighting the enemies here, hit the skull switch on the wall and then make your way back around the area to where you started. Be sure to pick up the treasures you pass. When you're back at the beginning, go into the center room and fight the enemies there. Take the Iron Sword and give it to Frog, then play the organ. Walk around to the back hallway and a new door will have appeared. Enter and work your way past the enemies inside. Save your game, then head through the last door. Here you'll find Queen Leene and the "chancellor". Your appearance allows Leene to escape, and now you must deal with the "chancellor", who shows his true form as Yakra. This guy has a good bit of HP for this point in the game, and his attacks aren't bad either. Regular attacks should be good, but you should also use a few Dual Techs like X Strike and Fire Whirl to make the battle end more quickly. If you need HP, use Frog's Slurp technique. Be careful, however, because Yakra will sometimes counterattack by hitting all three of your party members when you use physical attacks. Luckily, he isn't too hard of a boss if you keep using Slurp, and you should defeat him shortly. Search the treasures before you go to find a Mid Ether and the real chancellor. When you get back to Guardia Castle, the chancellor decides that they must make some sort of criminal justice system to keep others like Yakra from causing more damage. However, Frog feels he has disgraced the Queen since he was unable to keep Yakra from kidnapping her and he leaves the party. Head for the queen's chamber and you'll find that Marle is back now that Queen Leene has been rescued. She's glad to be back, and then realizes you figured out who she really was. She didn't want to tell anyone she was the princess so she would fit in at the fair. Now that Marle is back, stop in the dining room and get some food, then head for Truce Canyon and return to the spot where you first appeared. Lucca will tell you that this spot is one of many Gates which take you to the same place in a different time. Lucca has invented a Gate Key which will allow you to open Gates whenever you need to. Now jump in and you'll be back at the Millennial Fair.

4. We're Back!

Back in the present again, Marle wants to have Crono and Lucca over for dinner, but it looks like it'll be just Crono since Lucca has some work to do. Head for Guardia Forest with Marle. You will probably have to fight some enemies to get through it, but they aren't too tough, and there is a Power Tab to the east. When you reach the castle, the chancellor accuses Crono of kidnapping the princess and arrests him!

5. The Trial

Crono is now put on trial for his alleged crime. Whether you are innocent or not is usually decided by your actions at the fair. Things that can hurt you are grabbing Marle's pendant without talking to her, trying to sell the Pendant, stealing lunches, not finding the cat for the girl, and walking off while Marle is shopping. However, even if you are found innocent, the chancellor will lie to the jailers and say Crono is to be executed in three days. However, if Crono is found innocent, you'll find a bag in his cell which contains an Ether. You can also save your game and refill your HP and MP here. Now you need to escape. There are two ways to do this. If you simply sit in your cell long enough, you'll eventually be taken to the guillotine, but Lucca will arrive and take out all the guards with a stun gun. This is the easier method, but I don't recommend it because you don't get as much experience. Instead, walk up to the bars of Crono's cell and he'll shake them. Do this a few times and a Guard will get annoyed and come in after you. When he turns his back, walk behind him and press A to knock him out (you can do this to any Guards whose backs are turned; also note that if you check unconscious Guards you'll often find Mid Tonics). Do this and you'll fight the second Guard, but he's easy to beat. Head up the stairs to the right and you'll see two Blue Shield enemies. Wait for them to peek out from behind their shields before attacking. Then go down the lower right stairs. Get past the Guard after crossing the bridge and hit the switch to open the gate and take the treasures. On your way back to the bridge you'll have to fight an enemy named Omnicrone. He's not too hard, but he can make the Guards seem weak. Cross the bridge and take the upper right stairs. You'll fight two Guards while crossing the bridge. In the next room, head due right and open the gate. Here you'll see a man named Fritz stuck in the guillotine. Let him out and you'll be able to get something later. Take the Mid Tonic and open the next door. Here you'll find BronzeMail, but you'll have to fight some skeletal enemies. Return to the hallway and go north and cross the next bridge. Take the lower left stairs here and pick up the Shelter. Fight the Blue Shields in the hallway and take the upper left stairs. Go out the hole in one of the cells and climb down the wall. In this room take the Shelter, then jump down the hole and pick up the treasures there, including the Lode Sword for Crono. Return to where the Blue Shields were and go up the upper right stairs. Continue up here until you reach the supervisor's office. He'll try to run, but Lucca appears to try and save you and knocks him out. Save your game and read the manual on the floor to learn about the Dragon Tank. Check the supervisor and you'll find five Mid Tonics! Proceed outside and you'll fight the Dragon Tank. This thing has strong attacks and can heal the damage you inflict. Begin by using regular attacks on the Tank Head. This has a shield which protects the other parts and nullifies Lucca's fire attacks. Once the head is gone it cannot heal itself. Then start on the Grinder, the large wheel of the tank. This will keep it from using its strongest attack. After that take care of the main body. Have Lucca use a Tonic if your HP gets low. You will need to do this when only the main body is left because it will counter with laser shots. When you beat it, the chancellor and some soldiers will end up forming a human bridge when they try to fix it. Pick up the Shelter on your way downstairs and make your way to the castle's front door. Some soldiers will try to stop you, but Marle appears and handles them. However, when the three of them escape, the chancellor sends them back after you. They'll trap you in Guardia Forest, but Lucca notices a Gate. As the only way to escape, the three of them jump in.

6. Beyond the Ruins

You'll reappear in a futuristic room called the Bangor Dome. Leave and head south to find a place called the Trann Dome. Pick up some Iron Helms and Iron Suits here, as well as an Auto Gun for Lucca. You can also use the machine called the Enertron to refill your HP and MP. Head outside and save your game, then head north until you reach Lab 16. The enemies here are strong and have lots of HP. Using Techs will definitely come in handy here. If you see rats running around, try not to touch them; they will usually steal Tonics from you. Head right when you first enter and pick up the Berserker. Head north from the entrance and turn right after you encounter some Crater enemies. Here you'll find another Lode Sword in case you missed the one in Guardia's jail. Head north and then west a little and you'll find a Lode Bow for Marle. Continue west and then north to find more Craters, then head east. On the next screen you'll encounter some Shadows, who cannot be hurt by physical attacks. Use Flame Toss or Fire Whirl to get rid of them. In the southwest corner of this area you'll find an Ether, then head east. Turn north after this, and here's the exit. You'll have to defeat a Mutant to get there, who has 300 HP. Just east of here you'll find the Arris Dome. Here you can rest in the Enertron and buy supplies if you need them. The people here will tell you that a man went into the basement to look for food a while ago and never came back. Head downstairs and climb up the left ladder. Make your way along the beams here until you reach the next room. Here you'll be attacked by a huge boss robot called the Guardian. He is flanked by two Bits. This guy's attacks are sometimes strong, so use Aura Whirl if you run low on HP. Take out the two Bits before attempting to beat Guardian or you won't stand a chance. This will keep the Guardian from attacking you. When both Bits are gone, the Guardian will begin a countdown to reviving them. Use regular attacks to try and destroy it before the countdown ends. If the Bits are revived, destroy them again before renewing your attack on Guardian. Once you've beaten this boss, head into the next room. This is where the food was stored but it has spoiled. You'll also find the missing man, but he's long dead. However, you'll also find a seed, and if you check him again you'll find a note which says that the rat knows some secret. Take the Mid Ether from the treasure and return to the room before the one where Guardian was. Dash along the beams and push A to catch the rat. He'll tell you the password to open the passage in the room before this one. Go back a room and approach the right console. Hold L and R and press A to open the way forward. The Buggers here will counterattack just about anything, including the actions of the Rats. Take the Mid Ether to the north, then go up the western stairs and make your way to the next door. There are no treasures to worry about in here, so just go north as far as you can, then go east and you should be able to find another door. Here you'll find a computer which Lucca will use to find a Gate in Proto Dome, which is east of here. However, Marle accidentally presses a button which shows a video record of something called the Day of Lavos, which occurred in 1999 A.D. A huge monster came out of the ground, causing lava to fly everywhere and destroy much of the world. Marle decides that this is something they can't let slide, and our team of heroes decides that changing the past is the only way of stopping this Lavos creature. Their best bet for now is to return to the present and try and see if anyone knows who or what this Lavos is. Leave the basement and talk to Doan. Give the Seed to him so they might have a chance to survive. He'll tell you the best way to get to Proto Dome is to go through Lab 32, to the north. He'll give you a Bike Key so you can ride a jet bike across the area in order to reach Proto Dome faster. By now you should also know you are in the year 2300 A.D. Before going to the Proto Dome, head due east and you'll find a place called the Sewer Access. You don't have to do this now, but you're probably supposed to. Climb down the ladder and you'll be spotted by a creature, who quickly runs off to report to his boss. Head to the right and you'll encounter a few enemies. The enemies here have strong attacks and defense, so don't hesitate to use Marle's Aura or even Aura Whirl. Open the treasure here to get some money, then head left until you fight more Nereids. You'll also see two frogs who are looking for a bridge, but they run off when you see them. Follow them downstairs. To the left you'll see a note which says that Nereids attack at even the slightest sound. As you follow the path to the right, you will see a cat, some cans, a piece of cheese, and a save point. Don't touch any of them - even the save point - or you'll make noises and alert the Nereids to your presence. When you reach the next room, defeat the Egders and look for a path through the east wall. Here you'll find a switch that opens a door ahead. Go back through the passage and go all the way north. You should be able to walk behind the wall and go through the door you just opened. Here you'll see the two frogs trying to hit a switch, but they're too short to reach it and run off. Turn right and head north to pick up the Rage Band, an accessory which often makes the wearer counterattack when he or she is hit. Give this to Crono. Turn right and you'll see the creature who spotted you earlier. He runs off, but his boss Sir Krawlie will stay and fight you. Krawlie has a nasty attack which will take one of your characters' HP down to 1 in one shot! Luckily, he doesn't take very long to beat with just regular attacks. Continue south and take care of the enemies here, then head west. Pass the ladder you come to and you'll find the switch the frogs couldn't reach. Hit it and several bridges will appear. You can also get a Bolt Sword for Crono. Then go up the ladder and you'll be back outside. Head south and you'll reach the Keeper's Dome, which is home to a strange old man who warns you not to climb the nearby Death Peak. He also mentions several of his inventions, including the Ocean Palace and Blackbird. Remeber these. You may also see a strange door at the back of the room which cannot be opened. Return through the Sewer Access using the new bridges and head north to Lab 32. Pick up the Mid Tonic by the entrance and head north until you encounter the jet bike. When you try to use it you'll be surrounded by robots, but they won't fight you. Soon a mechanical hotshot named Johnny appears and challenges you to a bike race through the ruins. When you race him, you'll have three speed boosts you can use at any time by pressing B. Try to stay directly in front of Johnny to cut him off, and use the speed boosts at the very end of the race (if you lose and decide to walk through the ruins, don't forget to pick up the Race Log, which will log your race scores, allowing you to earn prizes if you do really well). Leave lab 32 when you win and follow the road until you reach Proto Dome. You'll have to fight a few Buggers to get in, but there is an Enertron inside. At the north end of the dome you'll find a damaged robot. Lucca decides to fix it, while Marle discovers that the back door is locked. You'll find that the robot is very friendly and polite, but lacks a name. Marle quickly decides to call him Robo, but you can change that if you want to. When Robo learns of your time travels and how you heard there was a Gate here, he says that to open the back door to reach it, you'll need to head to the Factory up north and turn on the power. However, someone must stay behind to open the door when the power comes on. Leave Lucca here, because you'll need Marle's Aura in the Factory.

7. The Factory Ruins

Leave Proto Dome and head north to the Factory. When you go inside, use the computer there and Robo will turn off the security laser, allowing you to enter undetected. However, you'll have to fight a creature called an Acid. Its defense is extremely high, but its HP is very low. Head up the right conveyor belt and take the right elevator. Once downstairs, go down two ladders - keeping to the right - and walk into the door there. You'll be grabbed by a claw and dumped onto a conveyor belt. You'll have to ride it through three rooms of enemies (Cyclone comes in handy) until you reach the conveyor belt which runs east instead of west. Get off at the first place you can and head south into the next room. Defeat the Bugs and climb the ladder on the right. Walk across the walkway there and check the treasure by the right door to get a Mid Tonic. In the room you'll find a Mid Ether and some money. Check the computer to learn two special codes: XA and BB. Leave and go into the left room. You'll have to fight several enemies, but you can pick up a Shelter and an Ether. Just below the treasures is a second door which accesses the crane. Input the two codes you got two remove the barrels from the walkway below. Leave this room and go down the ladder. Head left and you'll reach a room which contains a computer which will give you a special access code: XABY. There's also a Bolt Sword here in case you missed the one in the Sewer Access. Return to the conveyor belt and ride it east a little to get an Ether (don't touch the robots here or a crane will take you back to the beginning of the conveyor belts). You can get off the conveyor belt just east of there. Before going back up the elevator, head to the area just below the ladder that leads to it. Go down the left ladder here and walk west until you reach a treasure. Inside is a Robin Bow for Marle. Also look around insie the open door just west of the elevator and you'll find a Mid Ether. Go up the elevator, fight past the Debuggers in the hall, and take the left elevator down a level. Here you'll find a save point, so use a Shelter if you need it. Head through the door and fight off the Acids and Alkalines there. When you beat them the computer will open a hatch which leads downstairs. Take the Shelter from the treasure and descend. Walk left through the hall and then turn down. You'll have to beat Acids and Alkalines along the way, but they're no big deal. Head right and then go through the door there. In this room you'll find two treasures: a Hammer Arm for Robo, and also a Titan Vest. The computer here will deactivate all the remaining security lasers, but a large gang of Acids and Alkalines will try to stop you. Take the ladder in the lower left corner of this room down a level and head north until your path is blocked. Pick up the Plasma Gun on the left and use the XABY code on the computer to open the door. Here you'll find the switch which activates the power in Proto Dome. Once you push it, the security system finally catches up with you. Go back up the ladder and make your way back to the building's entrance until you run into a gang of robots which look like Robo. They say Robo is a traitor, telling him his purpose was to eliminate human intruders. They then beat him up so badly he is unable to move. Now your remaining party members have to take on all six of these R Series robots. Crono's Cyclone will help get rid of them quickly by attacking three at once. They like to attack all at once, so heal often. If Crono has the Rage Band the fight will be much easier. When the robots have been vanquished, take Robo back to the Proto Dome and Lucca will fix him up. Robo then decides he wants go with you and help stop Lavos from destroying the world. However, when the four of them jump into the Gate, something strange happens.

8. The End of Time

Your team reappears in a strange room with three pillars of light. Head southeast and you'll find a tired old man. He tells you that you are at the End of Time, a place where lots time travelers wind up. When more than three people step into a Gate, they will always wind up here, so you must again leave one of your party members here. For now, Robo is probably the best person to leave behind. In the lower left corner of this room is a bucket where you can refill your HP and MP, as well as a save point. As you try to leave, the old man will tell you to check the room behind him. Here you'll meet Spekkio, the "Master of War". He will tell you about magic. Now he makes a strange request. Starting from the door, walk around his room clockwise three times. He will then give Crono the Lightning spell, Marle the Ice spell, and Lucca the Fire spell. You can now try it out on him. If you lose, it's okay. Spekkio is tough, and only magic will hurt him. If you win, you get good items. Come back often to see if his form has changed. You should try to beat him once for each form he takes. When you're ready to go, head to the room you arrived at and use Gate which goes to Medina Village in 1000 A.D.

9. The Village of Magic

After traveling through time, Crono and his friends emerge from a closet in the home of two imps. As you try to leave, one will warn you that the Mystics who populate Medina lost a war to humans long ago, and many still hold a grudge. Head for the elder's house and you'll find a Speed Tab on the counter. Upstairs you can find a Magic Tab, as well as a guy who tells you that the cave to the west is home to a monster who can only be harmed by magic. If you go to the market and inn you'll have to fight if you want to sleep or buy anything, and the prejudiced Mystics will still keep their prices extremely high. Head for Medina Square and you'll see alot of Mystics dancing around a statue of Magus, chanting about how he created Lavos! Leave town and head north until you see a blue triangle called the Forest Ruins. You can't do too much here yet, but there is a Mid Ether in a treasure there. Head west of town and you'll find the home of Melchior, the weapon smith you met at the fair. Buy a Red Katana for Crono and maybe a Titan Vest. Melchior will tell you that if you go through the Heckran Cave to the north you'll find a shortcut back to Truce. Save you game and head there. Most of the enemies inside have strong defense, forcing you to use magic to inflict real damage. Don't be afraid to run if you need to. After defeating the Henches just inside the entrance, follow the path until you reach a ladder. Climb down it and pick up the Ether here before going down the next one. Head west, get rid of the enemies there, and go down the stairs to the next room. In the next room, use magic to beat the Tempurites, then head south into the next room. There are lots of enemies here, but there's a MagicScarf and the end of the hall if you get past them. Return to the room before and pick up two more treasures, then enter the room to the southwest. Head west and go through the door there, then head north. Walk through the water in the next room until you reacha save point. If your MP is low, you should refill it here. In the next room you'll find Heckran, the boss of this cave. This guy has strong attacks which do a lot of damage, so be prepared to use Aura Whirl a lot. Physical attacks don't really work on this guy, so your best bet is to use the new spells you got from Spekkio. You can also use Marle and Lucca's Antipode spell for some serious damage. Once you've done some decent damage, Heckran will dare you to attack. If you do, he'll make a nasty counterattack, so wait until you get a message which says "brief counterattack break". Then use all your strongest spells until Heckran dares you again. By following this pattern you should have no trouble beating him. Suddenly the team realizes what needs to be done. Since Magus created Lavos, they need to back to 600 A.D. and stop him before he gets the chance. Jump into the water at the north end of this room and you'll be sent to Truce Village. Stop at Lucca's house and Taban will give you the Taban Vest, which provides excellent defense for Lucca. Stop at the market here and you'll see Fritz, the man you rescue in the jail. He's very grateful, since he was framed too, and rewards you with ten Mid Ethers. Rest at Crono's house, then head for Leene Square and go back to 600 A.D.

10. The Hero Appears

When you arrive in 600 A.D., leave Truce Canyon and make your way to the Zenan Bridge in the southwest. The knights are trying to keep Magus' forces from taking it, but their food supplies have run out. Head for Guardia Castle and talk to the chef. However, he is angry with the knight captain, who is actually his brother. Go upstairs and walk toward the entrance and he'll reappear and give you some Jerky, as well as a Power Tab. Before heading back to Zenan Bridge, talk to the king, who is resting in bed. He tells you that a boy has appeared with the Hero Medal once used by the great hero Cyrus, and is currently searching the southern continent for the legendary sword which can defeat Magus. Return to Zenan Bridge and give the Jerky to the knight captain. Magus' troops attack when you arrive. Talk to the knight captain again when the attack begins and offer to help. He'll give you a Gold Helm if you do. Equip this on Crono right away. Begin walking across the bridge and you'll encounter Ozzie, the leader of Magus' army. You must now take on his skeletal Deceased soldiers, but don't bother attacking them. Instead, attack Ozzie and eventually his spell will be broken and the Deceased will be defeated. When you reach the end of the bridge, all the remaining skeletons will come together to form a huge monster called Zombor. Zombor has two parts, a top half and a bottom half, both of which must be destroyed. The top half has more HP and stronger attacks, so take care of it first. Don't bother using magic; it usually heals him. Physical attacks are usually your best bet. When the top half is gone, start on the bottom half. You shouldn't need to use much magic, since physical attacks are usually enough to wear Zombor down. The main thing you'll need to use is Aura Whirl, since the bottom half has some attacks which strike all your party members. With Zombor defeated, continue across the bridge to reach the town of Dorino. Check out the residence there and talk to the old man twice. If you got the Naga-ette bromide, give it to him and he'll unlock a cabinet and let you take the Magic Tab inside. If you go to the elder's house, you'll see a man named Toma who is being sent to look for something called the Rainbow Shell. Head southeast and you'll find a villa owned by a woman named Fiona who is trying to protect the local forest. You can take the treasures there if you like. Continue south to the village of Porre. Stop at the market to pick up Gold Suits and Berets for whoever needs them. There's also a Power Tab hiding in the corner. Talk to the people in the cafe and they'll tell you that the Hero is a bratty local boy named Tata. You may also hear he has gone to the Denadoro Mountains to look for the legendary Masamune sword. Just northwest of Porre is a small area called the Cursed Woods. The enemies there aren't too hard if you attack the Gnawers first, and you can find some treasures there as well. Sometimes you may find a Nu on the screen when you fight. He is hard to defeat, but you get tons of experience from him. At the north end of the forest you'll find a bush which is a slightly different color than the others. Walk behind it and there's a ladder you can climb down. There are two treasure here that you can open. One contains a MagicScarf, but when try to open the other, the person who lives here returns. It's Frog! At first he is happy, but when you tell him the king was injured, he is ashamed that he was not there to help. Your best bet for now is to find Tata, so head for the Denadoro Mountains.

11. Tata and the Frog

You'll find the Denadoro Mountains just east of Dorino. As you enter the mountains, pick up the treasure to get some money, then fight past the Bellbirds and Goblins at the entrance. Head due north, and follow the river until you reach the next area. Here you'll find a treasure containg a MirageHand for Robo. Return to the first area and climb the ladder. When you try to climb it, Tata will appear running away like a scared chicken. He is followed by a Goblin, which is easily defeated. Next comes an Ogan. Use Lucca's Flame Toss to burn his weapon and then defeat him. After climbing the ladder, get the treasure on the left, then head southwest to get another one. Continue across the bridge to the north. Defeat the two enemies here to get another treasure, then head east to reach the next screen. Head up the first north passage to get a Mid Ether, then go all the way east and beat the Free Lancers to get another one. Climb up the ladder, take the Gold Helm, then go up the next one. Head west and climb down the ladder to get a Mid Tonic, then climb it again and continue west into the next screen. Climb the ladders here, get the Mid Ether, and get to the next screen without being pelted with rocks. Climb the ladder here and beat the Free lancers, then pick up the treasure in the northeast corner. In the next screen you must fight lots of enemies. Just remember to use Flame Toss on the Ogans. In the next screen, take the 300 G from the chest, then fight off the Free Lancers at the water's edge. Take the Mid Tonic from the chest to the northeast. Then head west and you'll find another scetion of the waterfall. Jump over it and you'll find a treasure with the SilverStud inside. Give it to Marle to make her spells cost less. Jump off this ledge and you'll find another treasure which hold the SilverErng. Give this to Crono and it will vastly increase his maximum HP. Head through the trees to the north and make your way back to the top of the waterfall. This time head west to the next screen, but don't miss the Mid Ether. On this screen you'll see a fuzzy, white creature. Talk to him a few times and he'll get annoyed and give you a Magic Tab. In the next screen there's a save point, so don't miss it. There's also a Mid Ether and a Speed Tab here. Go to the next screen, drop of the ladder, and take the Shelter. Fight off the enemies here and go up the ladder and you'll find a small cave. Here you'll find the Masamune, but when you approach it, two creatures named Masa and Mune appear! They agree to test you to see if you are worthy of the Masamune. They counterattack every hit with an X Strike attack, but concentrate your attack on one of them and the battle will soon be over. However, when you win, the two combine into a single monster with very strong powers. This guy is very strong; you'll need to use lots of Aura Whirl and Cure spells. For attacking, use Dual Techs like Antipode, Ice Sword, and Fire Sword. If he begins storing "tornado energy," that means he's preparing for a big attack. Use Crono's Slash attack to dissapate it. Just be persistant and keep healing and you can win. When you go to take the Masamune, you'll find that part of it is missing; all that's here is the blade. Masa and Mune will help you leave the Denadoro Mountains. When you're out of the mountains, save your game and head for Porre. Talk to Tata and he'll tell you he's not the Hero. He just found the Hero Medal when some frog dropped it. Take it and return to the Cursed Woods. Show Frog the Hero Medal and he'll be impressed. However, he knows that the Masamune is needed to defeat Magus, and he does not think himself worthy of using it. When he moves out of the way, check the treasure to find the other half of the Masamune! When Lucca checks it out, she finds Melchior's name written on it! Return to 1000 A.D. and go to Medina Village to seek him out. He'll tell you that he might be able to fix it if he could find some Dreamstone. However, Dreamstone is thought to have been all used up. Luckily, that's no problem for you, since you have the magic of time travel!

12. The Rare Red Rock

Go back to the End of Time and use the Gate which goes back to 65,000,000 B.C. If there's any time where you could find the Dreamstone, surely this one will be it. When you arrive there, you drop right into a swarm of reptilian creatures. You'll have to fight quite a large number of them. At one point you'll be far outnumbered, but a fiercely strong woman appears and drives away about half of the creatures. It shouldn't be hard to defeat the remaining ones. When you win, the strange woman reappears and introduces herself as Ayla. She admires the strength of Crono and his friends. She asks your group to come to her village for a celebration. Follow her out of this mountainous area, but don't forget to pick up the treasures along the way. If you fight a dinosaur, use Crono's Lightning spell. When you leave the Mystic Mountains, head northeast to find Ioka Village. Find the chief's hut and you'll find Ayla, who is the chief, of course. The party soon begins. At the party Crono can dance with Marle, or even try some new foods. There's also a strange man named Kino, who wonders why Ayla is throwing you a party. Talk to Ayla and she'll tell you of the battle between her people and the Reptites, those creatures you fought at the Mystic Mountains. Their leader is Azala. She also mentions another village called Laruba. Laruba is populated by people who are afraid of the Reptites, but no one knows where it is. Keep talking to Ayla and she'll show Crono a red rock she has. This is the Dreamstone, but it is a mark of strength, and Ayla won't give it up easily. Luckily, Ayla challenges you to a soup-eating race rather than fight you. Press A as rapidly as you can to drink faster than her, and it shouldn't be hard to get the Dreamstone.

13. Footsteps! Follow!

When you wake up, you'll find that someone has stolen the Gate Key. Although the Dreamstone is now in your possession, it is useless to have it unless you get the Gate Key back. Talk to Ayla and she'll agree to go with you in your search. Your third character should definitely be Marle. Talk to the villagers and you'll learn that Reptites often leave footprints like the ones theat were at the meeting site where the party was. One villager saw some Reptites heading for the Forest Maze to the south. Kino is also missing. Before you go to the Forest Maze to begin your search, head north to the Hunting Range and fight enemies to get Petals, Horns, Fangs, and Feathers. You can trade these for valuable items in Ioka Village like the Flint Edge, Sage Bow, Ruby Gun, Stone Arm, Ruby Vests, and Rock Helms. When it rains here, try to find the Nu and fight him to get lots of tradable items, as well as a Third Eye which vastly increases your ability to evade enemy attacks. When you have all the equipment you desire, head south and enter the Forest Maze. Here you'll find Kino. He took the Gate Key because he was jealous of Crono, but then the Reptites stole it from him! When Kino goes back to the village, head right through the trees and pick up the Mid Tonic. Climb down the vines and take the next treasure, then climb down some more. Most of the enemies here are the same as the ones at the Mystic Mountains. When you've climbed down all the vines, follow the footprints east and walk across the log, then go south to get a treasure, then northwest for another. When you get both of them, head northeast and then follow the footsteps south. After the spot where you fight a Winged Ape, turn left to find a treasure with a Revive inside, then continue south. At the southernmost end of this area there's another treasure you should get, then turn left and go up the walkway and follow the path along the cliff. When you have a choice of direction, head south and pick up the two treasures there, then climb down the vines and head east to find a secret area where a Mid Ether is kept. Head south from where the vines were to find the exit. Here you'll find the Reptite Lair. Inside, try not to fight the Evilweevils. Let them dig holes so you can find new rooms when you jump into them. There are several different paths, and you should return to the entrance to make sure you try them all and get all the treasures. You should get two Full Tonics, two Mid Ethers, two Full Ethers, an Elixir, a Rock Helm, and a Ruby Vest. If you miss some, use the upper left doorway in the room with the Winged Ape to get back to the entrance. Most of the enemies aren't too hard, but be sure to use Lightning against the Megasaurs. When fighting Evilweevils paired with Fly Traps, attack them first and they will suck the life out of the Fly Traps. When you have all the treasures, head north in the Winged Ape room and fight the enemies guarding the stairs, then save your game. In the next room you'll encounter Azala, who has the Gate Key. When you refuse to tell him how it works, he sics a large dinosaur named Nizbel on you. Nizbel's attack power is strong, as is his defense. Aura Whirls will be a necessity in this fight. To lower Nizbel's defense, use a Lightning spell on him. However, it only works temporarily, and you're in for a big shock when he recovers. When he does, cast it again. While his defense is down, use strong Dual Techs like Ice Sword and Volt Bite. Volt Bite in particular will do lots of damage to this guy. When Nizbel is gone, Azala will surrender the Gate Key and you can head back to the End of Time. However, Ayla stays behind to keep an eye on the Reptites.

14. The Masamune!

Return to 1000 A.D. and go to Melchior's house again. With the Dreamstone in your possession, Melchior will repair the Masamune. Once it's fixed, return to 600 A.D. and go visit Frog in the Cursed Woods. While you rest, Frog has flashbacks of Cyrus, the legendary Hero who was his brother. These include the battle the two of them had against Magus and Ozzie, where the Masamune was broken, Cyrus killed, and Frog was turned into his current form. That was ten years ago. When you wake up, Frog has decided to go with you to take on Magus. Since Crono and Frog are required to be in your party at this point, your only choice is who goes in the third space. If you have been working up so much that you have the required spells to use the Delta Storm Triple Tech, bring Lucca. If you haven't, which is more likely, Marle is a better addition to the party because of her Cure spell. Head for the mountain east of Fiona's villa. This place is the Magic Cave, a secret underground passage to Magus' lair. Frog will at last take up the Masamune and use it to open the wall which blocks the cave. Before going inside, return to the End of Time and talk to Spekkio so Frog can learn the Water spell. You should also equip him with the Hero Medal now that he is using the Masamune. You might even want to go back to 65,000,000 B.C. and get him some better armor as well. If you go back to Lucca's house, Taban will have a new item for Lucca called the Taban Helm. When you're prepared, return to the Magic Cave and head inside. Once inside, you may notice that a small bat has started following you around. The Magic Cave is very easy to navigate, but the enemies inside are somewhat resistant to physical attacks, so use magic (Frog and Marle's Ice Water will work wonders here). At the other end of the cave you'll find a dead soldier. Check him to find a note written in blood! It warns of someone in Magus' castle called the Juggler who strengthens his defense when attacked - remember this. Upon emerging from the cave you will at last be at the entrance to Magus' lair.

15. Magus' Castle

Inside Magus' castle go up the central stairs and check the rooms on both the left and right. You'll find some treasures and some strange people who seem to be braindead. You'll also find what appears to be some acquaintances of the party, but nothing that makes sense. Return to the foyer and you'll discover what looks like a Save Point. When you step on it, Ozzie appears. He says Magus is busy so you'll have to deal with him, Slash the swordsman, Flea the magician, as well as the rest of the monsters in the castle. Fight off the monsters that appear and head back into the rooms on the left. Avoid or fight off the enemies here and make your way to the room at the end. Defeat the Decedents there and a new foe will appear: the swordsman Slash. Apparently he and Frog have met before. Make sure your HP is refilled before you fight him. His attacks are very strong, and he's fast, too. Magic doesn't seem to affect him, so use regular attacks and the X Strike Dual Tech. At first he shouldn't be too hard, but then he takes out his sword. Now the X Strike will become vital. Use it at every opportunity. Slash's attacks will be even stronger now, so don't hesitate to use Cure spells and the Aura Whirl. Many of his attacks will also hit multiple targets now. As the battle progresses, Slash will start using a very strong counterattack, so heal yourself even more. If you keep healing and use the X Strike most of the time, you should defeat him quickly. When you win, you'll find a Save Point, but you may also notice that Slash dropped his sword, the Slasher! Take it and give it to Crono before you save. Return to the foyer and go up the stairs on the right. The kids surrounding the treasure will become Shadows like the ones in Lab 16. Defeat them to get a Barrier. In the next room are the people who look like other characters from the game. These are actually monsters in disguise. When fighting them, kill the Sorcerers first, because they will use magic that heals the other enemies. At the end of the hall, you'll encounter an enemy which Frog thinks is Flea. However, when it dies very quickly, you realize you've been duped. The bat that's been following you around then reveals its identity as the real Flea! Believe it or not, Flea is actually a man (talk about cross-dressing)! Now you must do battle with her - I mean, him. Flea can use strange magic spells that will give your party members a variety of status ailments. Again, use normal attacks and X Strike against him. However, eventually Flea will begin countering with a spell which causes Crono to attack the rest of your party, so keep your HP very high. This will not be an easy fight, and you'll probably end up using a good bit of your items. When the battle ends, check the area in front of the chair to find a Magic Tab. You may also want to return to where you fought Slash to save and use a Shelter. When you're ready, return to the foyer and step on the "Save Point" there to be sent to the next area. Head north, fighting your way past the monsters, until you reach Ozzie. When he realizes you beat Slash and Flea, he'll run away. Take the Mist Robe from the treasure, equip it on Marle, and chase after him. In the next room, time your movements to avoid being hit by the blades Ozzie is operating. You should also be able to pick up a Doom Finger and Dark Mail here, but again Ozzie will run away. In the next room you must climb all the stairs. Hanging from ladders will help you avoid fighting any passing enemies. In the next room, Ozzie will open trap doors which cause you to fall into an area full of Decedents. It's okay to fall down here, though, because you can find four treasures and a Magic Tab. There are four objects here which appear to be Save Points. One really is, but two of them are actually enemies. The fourth one will take you back to the room where Ozzie is, but it's impossible to know which is which. Don't get discouraged if you keep falling. The holes you fall in will stay visible, making it easier to reach Ozzie. Of course, he runs away again. The next room will again have ladders you can hang on to avoid some of the enemies, namely the self-destructing Roly Bombers. However, you will also encounter enemies here called Outlaws and Jugglers. If you attack the Outlaw when they are together, they will counter with an attack like Fire Whirl. Dispose of the Juggler first. His defensive abilities alternate, so alternate between physical and magic attacks each turn (use magic first). In the next two rooms, you'll have to battle a huge horde of enemies, so be ready. Finally, after you've survived this onslaught, Ozzie will have nowhere left to run. However, when you fight him, he protects himself with an impenetrable shield of ice. Instead of attacking him, hit the switches nearby, and one of them will drop Ozzie into a pit. Take the two treasures, use the Save Point on the right (you'll definitely want a Shelter here), then use the left one to reach a stairwell. Run to the bottom as fast as you can to avoid the Vamps and enter the next room. Here you'll find Magus just as he is trying to conjure up Lavos. Now you must do battle Magus himself. This will be a very difficult fight. Magus has 6666 HP, and can use spells of every kind: Lightning, Water, Fire, and Shadow! Physical attacks are not that effective on him, but he changes which kind of magic will work on him every time you hit him. To hurt him, use the strongest technique which matches the type of the one he uses when his barrier changes. If it's a type you can't use, just attack him and he'll change it again. Frog's Heal spell and the Aura Whirl Dual Tech will get lots of use if you intend to win this fight - and this is only the beginning! Eventually you will reach a point where Magus does not change his barrier after you hit him. Continue to use the same type of magic the last barrier change allowed you to. I pray it's one you have strong techniques of, because you'll want to get rid of Magus as fast as possible now. He will not attack as often now, but he will start using a spell called Dark Matter which will wreak havoc on your party's HP. Heal and Aura Whirl will be in use almost constantly. However, you should have enough time to heal the damage and get in some good attacks before Magus casts Dark Matter again. After you win, Magus will explain that he didn't create Lavos. He was only trying to summon Lavos to his castle. Lavos lives inside the Earth's core, absorbing energy in order to grow stronger. Suddenly, a huge Gate opens and all four of you are sucked into it.

16. Forward to the Past

In the next scene, Crono is back at home, asleep in bed. However, something isn't right, because Marle is living there with him, telling him to go out and get a job. Crono suddenly wakes up, realizing it was actually a dream. The party finds themselves in Ayla's hut, back in 65,000,000 B.C. Ayla says she found the three of you at the base of the Mystic Mountains. Frog is anxious to find Magus, but Ayla says that only the three of you were found. However, another question is brought up: if Magus didn't create Lavos, then where did it come from? Ayla will give you some test to rest. When you wake up, you'll find Kino. Ayla is off looking for the elusive Laruba village. She is hoping to get the people there to aid her against the Reptites. Suddenly, another caveman appears and tells Kino that the woods to the north are on fire, and he quickly leaves. Before heading after Kino, stop at the hut next door and get a Dream Gun, a Dream Bow, a Magma Hand, and an Aeon Blade. These weapons are much stronger than the ones you have already. If you need more trade items, just spend some time fighting enemies in the Hunting Range. You should also save your game (the last thing you want to do now is die and end up having to fight Magus again). Head northwest from Ioka and you should find that part of the forest has been cleared away by the fire. Here you'll find what remains of Laruba. A boy will tell you that the Reptites burned the village to the ground and kidnapped Kino, killing anyone who tried to fight back! At the north end of this area, you'll find Ayla talking to an old man. The old man blames her for bringing the Reptites but she has more important things to deal with. She wants to attack the Tyrano Lair, the Reptites' home base. However, it is located on a high plateau, so Ayla needs the old man to let her ride Dactyls to get there. Eventually he agrees, and Ayla runs off. Leave Laruba and head northeast to reach the Dactyl Nest area. The enemies here are new and more powerful than the ones before. Be especially caeful when fighting Cave Apes and Shists together. The Cave Apes will counterattack by throwing the Shists at you. You should destroy the Shists first, but be warned that a Shist will become a fire-spewing Pahoehoe after being hit. The other enemies should be no big deal. When you enter the Dactyl Nest, head north until you can climb up the cliff, take the Mid Ether on the right, then turn left and walk around until you can climb up the next cliff and reach the next screen. Just before you get there, remember to pick up the Mid Tonic in the treasure. Fight off the enemies on the next screen and climb the next two cliffs. From here, you must again walk around the area to reach the next cliff, and again there will be a treasure there. This one, however, contains Meso Mail, so equip it right away. Head north and beat the Avian Rexes, then climb the last cliff. On the next screen you'll find Ayla and a Dactyl. After a short conversation, she'll agree to let you come with her, and calls down two more Dactyls. Crono and Ayla are automatically entered into the party, and your third party member should most certainly be Marle (in the Tyrano Lair, she's even more important than normal). The three of now depart for the Tyrano Lair. However, you may notice a strange point of light has appeared in the sky.

17. Unnatural Selection?

Ride the Dactyls to an area just east of Ioka village. The Tyrano Lair will be on a plateau near the volcanoes. Go inside, sneak past the Cave Apes, and walk through the mouth of the dinosaur on the right when you reach the north wall. Go downstairs and you'll fight some Reptites. These Reptites are a little stronger than the ones you encountered last time, but still aren't that big a deal. Just to the right you'll find a cell where some people from Laruba are being held. Hit the switch by the "door" to let them out. To the right are some more Reptites. Beat them and continue downstairs. After beating the Reptites there, Ayla will release Kino from his cell. He agrees to head back to Ioka, but first he will show you something. Before following after him, check his cell and you'll find an "egg" which contains a Mid Ether. Kino will lead you back to the main entrance and open the other dinosaur skull for you. Walk through it and go upstairs. In the next room, step on the two switches to cause the enemies to fall into holes (if you end up fighting lots of dinosaurs at once, from now on, use Crono's Lightning2 spell. Go through the lower right door and walk along the ledge outside to reach the next room. When fighting enemies here, always attack the Volcanos first; they will spew out lava which will hurt the other enemies. In the next room, the left egg contains a Full Tonic, but the right one will cause you to fall into the cell where Laruba's people were, and you'll have to fight the enemies you dropped to the floor below. Back in the room where the enemies fell, take the lower left door to reach another outside ledge. Use it to reach the next room. When you first enter you'll have to beat some enemies (remember to use Lightning on the Terrasaur). The rest of this room is somewhat puzzling. There are four eggs in the room, but standing on certain spot will cause you to be sent to other spots. If you walk north from where the fight was, and turn right at the second-highest path where you can turn right, you should be sent to the egg in the southeast corner of the room, which contains a Revive. The egg t the center of the north wall contains a Tonic. Walk relatively due south from there and you'll find a CeraTopper, a powerful new helmet. However, I am yet to find a way to get the northeast egg. Oh, well. Anyway, go up the stairs to the northwest and head outside. Fight your past the enemies to reach the door on the far right. Inside, step on the switch on the right to avid fighting enemies, then hit the switch in the room through the dinosaur skull. This should open the gate you passed outside. Go back to it and head inside. Here you'll find Nizbel II. At first he doesn't seem to notice you, and you can walk around him to reach a Save Point in the back. Save and continue north (if you need to use a Shelter, do it now). However, when you try to go upstairs, Nizbel II will recognize you and attack. He is basically just a stronger version of the roiginal Nizbel. However, his attacks are very strong and he's fast, too. Use a battle plan similar to the one before: cast Lightning to lower his defense, then hit him with Dual Techs like Volt Bite and Ice Sword (if you have Ice Toss and Cube Toss, these are also good). Volt Bite in particular is good, because it will continue to shock him and lower his defense, thus doing more damage than the other techniques. However, as before, watch out for when he releases the electricity and shocks your party. Using Volt Bite should make this fight easy. When you win, reuse the Save Point before continuing. Go upstairs and head outside again. Again there should be a door blocked by an iron gate. Head for the far right door as you did before and go inside. There are three switches here. The center one makes a Save Point, so hit that first. The left one will cause holes to appear in the ground. The right one will drop Terrasaurs into the room, but if you opened the holes they'll fall into them. So the only one really worth hitting is the center one. To open the dino skull, just walk up to it and press A. Take the Full Ether inside and use the switch that raises the iron gate outside. Exit and go through the gate (using Lightning to beat the Terrasaurs, of course). Inside, you'll come face-to-face with Azala again. When you speak to him, you hear a deafening roar outside. Azala leaps off his throne and heads through the back door. Open the two eggs in the room and follow him. When you catch up to Azala, you'll see he is flanked an enormous dinosaur called the Black Tyrano. Meanwhile, the red point in the sky has started moving. Azala seems to say that something bad is about to happen to the Reptites, but he intends to destroy you first. Now you must fight both Azala and the Black Tyrano. Azala can use strange attacks involving telekenesis and teleportation, and is fairly fast. Take care of him first. He can be beaten with strong ice attacks like Ice Sword and Cube Toss. The Black Tyrano's fire-breathing attack is no real threat, but watch out when he starts chewing on one of you party members. This does a lot of damage, and the Black Tyrano will gain the amount of HP you lose. The fact that its defense is even stronger than Azala's doesn't help, either. Wait for him to lower his defense and start storing power before you attack, then hit him with your strongest attacks, namely Volt Bite and Cube Toss. Make sure your HP is very high when the countdown reaches 0. The Black Tyrano will use an extra-strong flame attack that hits everyone in your party. Use Aura Whirl right away to replenish some HP, fast. After executing this attack, the Black Tyrano's defense be partially replenished, but will not be as strong as it was at first. After you defeat the Black Tyrano, Azala will tell you that rocks will fall from the sky soon, announcing the beginning of the ice age. Suddenly Ayla utters a very familiar word: Lavos! Ayla says it's just her word for "big fire". Now it becomes clear that Lavos came from outer space, and is about to hit Earth right now! Luckily, Kino arrives with the Dactyls and takes everyone to a safe distance. From there we can only watch as Lavos crashes into the Tyrano Lair, leaving behind an enormous crater. Since Lavos has just arrived, head for the crater to see if you can catch it. When you reach the carter, you'll find that Lavos is already deep underground. However, a new Gate has appeared! It seems like the best place to go, so hop inside.

18. The Magic Kingdom

Upon emerging from the Gate, you'll find yourself in a small cave. Head outside and you'll find yourself caught in a snowstorm. The year is 12,000 B.C., and the ice age Azala mentioned is now in full swing. Be sure to save your game. Head southeast and you'll find a small building called a Skygate. Step on the circle inside and you'll be rocketed up to an island in the sky! Here you'll find the town of Enhasa. Go inside and head to the right. Here you'll find a creature that looks like Masa and Mune. It tells you that you are in the kingdom of Zeal, where dreams come true. If you talk to the people here, you'll learn that most of the people in this kingdom can use magic, thanks to the efforts of one Queen Zeal. If you head to the northwest corner of this building, you'll come across a small boy with a purple cat. Without warning, he suddenly says that one member of your party will die soon. Go up the steps after talking to him and you'll find a blue cirlce on the ground. Step on it to have your HP and MP refilled. In the southwest corner you'll find a shop. Stock up on supplies there. In this place you may also find books that you can open, each one revealing the symbol of a type of magic. Open them in the following order: water, lightning, fire. If you do this, a secret door should appear behind the man near the entrance. Inside you'll find a Nu, who asks if you challenge him. Say yes and you'll have to fight six Nu. They are strong, but not really hard to beat. Use attacks that hit multiple targets like Cyclone and Falcon Hit, and the battle shouldn't last too long. When you win, you'll get a Speed Tab and a Magic Tab. After restoring your HP and MP again, head outside and use the Land Bridge to the north to get back down to ground level, but on a different continent. Head north and west to find another Skyway, which will take you to another part of the Zeal kingdom. Cross the west bridges to reach the village of Kajar. Talk to the people here and you'll learn the name of the boy you saw: Janus. He is the son of Queen Zeal, as it turns out. You'll also learn about the three Gurus of Life, Reason, and Time. Head through the upper-right door. In the southeast corner of this room, check the lower wall to find a Speed Tab. As in Enhasa, there are three books which open a secret door when they are opened in the correct order. In this secret room, you'll find an item called the Black Rock. You can't really do anything with it yet, but in time, it will let you use an awesome Triple Tech called DarkEternal. Leave Kajar once you have it. To the west is the giant flying machine called the Blackbird, which you'll have to deal with later on. Instead head into the cave to the east. Use the columns of light in this series of cave to reach the top of the mountain where Zeal Palace is. Here you'll learn that a strange prophet has appeared, making many predictions which have come true. You may also find a Nu walking on a bridge over the main hall. Offer to scratch his back. fter doing this, return to Kajar and scratch the back of the Nu in the room where you got the Speed Tab. In return he'll give you a Magic Tab. Back in Zeal Palace, there is also a woman who was asked to destroy a plant she received from the Guru of Life. Tell her not to do it (this has a big effect later in the game). You may also see Masa and Mune here. After all this, you need to go into the three door at the north end of the palace. The one on the right leads to the living quarters of Janus and Schala (the queen's daughter, and Janus' older sister). When you go inside, you'll see that Janus is very worried about something. Suddenly, a woman appears and informs Schala that the queen asks for her prescence at the Ocean Palace, the technological wonder being constructed under the sea. Head into the center door now and follow Schala. She will use her pendant to open a sealed door, which closes behind her. When you try to use Marle's pandant on the door it doesn't work. Head for the left door to reach the Mammon Machine, which is the source of the magic power possessed by the people of Zeal. However, you will learn the Mammon Machine is actually drawing power from Lavos himself! The quen intends to move the Mammon Machine to the Ocean Palace in order to increase the amount of power it draws in. Step in front of the Mammon Machine and press A to have it charge Marle's pendant with energy. You can now return to the sealed door and use Marle's pendant to open it. Inside, you'll be in the throne room. Also here are Queen Zeal, Schala, the prophet, and Dalton, the captain of the Blackbird. The prophet tells the queen that your party are troublemakers, and Dalton unleashes a monster called a Golem. If you win this fight, good for you, but it won't help. You'll still be captured and thrown into the energy of the Mammon Machine. Luckily, Schala appears later and releases you. She is hoping that you can rescue Melchior (yes, the same guy from 1000 A.D.), who is apparently one of the Gurus, and was sent to the Mountain of Woe for opposing the queen! However, the prophet discovers you and intends to do away with you, but Schala and Janus are able to stop him. He still orders you to show him how you came to this kingdom. You will be taken to the cave where the Gate is. After you are sent back through the Gate, Schala is forced to use her magic to seal it off.

19. Break the Seal!

Back in the prehistoric era, Marle remembers seeing the same crest as the one on the door Schala's pendant opened in the Keeper's Dome near Death Peak in 2300 A.D. Before going there, however, there are some other places you should check out. In 600 A.D., you'll find sealed treasures you can now open in the Magic Cave and Guardia Forest. In 1000 A.D., check out the Heckran Cave. Also in 600 A.D., you will find some sealed treasures which say what's inside is reacting to Marle's pendant. When the game asks if you want to open one of these, don't. After refusing, go to 1000 A.D. and open them. The items inside will be stronger than what you would have gotten in 600 A.D. After you get the stronger versions, return to 600 A.D. and pick up the weaker ones, because they are still good. These treasures can be found in Guardia Castle, Truce Inn, and two of them are in the Elder's house in Porre (Guardia Castle in 1000 A.D. also has other treasures you should get. You may also notice that a tense situation is growing between Marle and her father. Something weird is going on with the chancellor, as well). They are pieces of armor which will absorb certain types of magic (note that it's a good idea to give a person a piece of armor which will absorb the type of magic which is the opposite of the one he or she uses). You should also check out the Forest Ruins north of Medina in 1000 A.D. The Pendant will cause the pyramid of energy there to dissapate. A Nu will ask you to choose between the Safe Helm in the left treasure, or the Swallow for Crono on the right. Both of these are incredibly strong, but I recommend the Safe Helm, since you will get more use out of it, while other weapons will later replace the Swallow. After doing all of this, it's time to head for 2300 A.D. However, you still have more items to get! Head west through Lab 32 to the Arris Dome. When you get there, head down into the basement and go to where you saw the recording of the Day of Lavos. Nearby, there should be a door like the one in Zeal Palace (you'll need to use the code where you hold L and R while you press A to reach it). Inside, you'll find a load of treasures, including the awesome Gold Erng. Give this to Crono. There's also a Power Tab in here. After you've accessed this room, leave the Arris Dome and head west through Lab 16. Head for the Trann Dome. There you'll find yet another sealed door. Inside you'll find a Magic Tab, a Full Ether, and an accessory called the Gold Stud. This will drastically reduce the MP cost of your techniques, so give it to Marle right away. Just north of the Trann Dome is the Bangor Dome where you first arrived after escaping from Guardia Castle. Inside there's another sealed door to open. Inside you'll find more treasures, including the Charm Top for Ayla, which increases the success rate of her Charm technique (if you don't have this yet, now is a good time to gain tech points. The Mystic Mountains are a good spot for this. Try to get everyone's fifth technique before returning to 12,000 B.C.) However, you're not done with the Bangor Dome yet. Use the Gate there to get back to the End of Time. Two new columns of light should now be available. One goes back to the Bangor Dome. The other goes to Guardia Forest in 1000 A.D. Go there and you'll find yet another sealed treasure. That should take care of all the sealed treasures and doors, except for the one in the Keeper's Dome. Go through the Sewer Access using the bridges you made to get there. When you reach the Keeper's Dome, you'll learn that the old man who was there has passed away. Use the Pendant to enter the back room. Inside you'll find several shiny objects which reveal the old man's identity. He was the Belthasar, the Guru of Reason from 12,000 B.C.! Somehow he was sent to the future through a freak accident. He then proceeds to tell the story of Lavos, who descended to Earth in 65,000,000 B.C., as you saw. He burrowed underground as has been consuming the world from the inside out. In 1999 A.D., Lavos broke the Earth's surface and caused the Day of Lavos. He now resides on Death Peak, continually devouring more of the world and producing offspring. Your only chance to beat him is through time travel, and that is why he leaves you his greatest creation, the "Wings of Time". Open the last door to find his invention (if you come back to the room with the messages from Belthasar, you can find a Magic Tab). Examine the strange vehicle and then try to leave. You'll be approached by a robotic Nu who has Belthasar's memories copied into its databanks. It will tell you how to operate the machine, and allow you to name it. Its usual name is Epoch. Finally, use the seats the Nu brought to get in, and you're off! You can now use the Epoch to get back to 12,000 B.C. again! Before you do, however, you might want to gain experience and tech points like I said earlier. When you're ready for 12,000 B.C., Crono, Ayla, an Marle should be in your party. Use the Epoch to get back to 12,000 B.C. When you arrive, head northwest and you'll find the Mountain of Woe, which is anchored to the ground by a chain. Nearby is a place called the Terra Cave. Head inside and you'll find the village of the "Earthbound Ones", the people without magic. Stop at the shop and pick up any equipment you need (if you get the FlashBlade for Frog, make sure you take the Hero Medal off). Climb down all the ladders and you'll find a Save Point. Save and talk to the man there. He'll tell you that if you go through the hole on the right, you'll reach the Beast's nest. From there you can get to the Mountain of Woe. Go inside, and immediately look in the southeast corner of the room to find a Power Tab. Head north and you'll fight a few Beasts. Theie attack power increases every time you hit them, so take care of them quickly. If you use Ayla's Charm on them, you'll get R'bow Helms, which will lessen the amount of damage you take from lightning attacks, and have good defensive strength. Get as many of them as you can. Continue north until you reach the boss of this area: the Mud Imp, who is flanked by the Blue Beast and Red Beast. Using Charm on these guys has great results. The Blue Beast will give you a MermaidCap, the Red Beast will surrender an Elixir, and the Mud Imp itself coughs up a Speed Tab! Although he seems like the leader, do not attack the Mud Imp. His defensive strength is massive, and often heals himself and the other enemies. Concentrate your attack on the two beasts. Use strong ice attacks on the Red Beast (two hits with Cube Toss should finish him), and use lightning attacks like Volt Bite on the Blue Beast. If you're really desperate to hit them all, try Flacon Hit. With attacks like these at your command, the battle won't last long (which is good, because most of your hits will invoke counterattacks). The Mud Imp usually runs away after the beasts are defeated, but sometimes you can get him with Ayla's Rock Throw (for some reason, this works where everything else doesn't) or occaisionally regular attacks. Walk up the chains behind him to reach the Mountain of Woe.

20. The Guru on Mt. Woe

The Mountain of Woe is a very strange place. For the first time, you will encounter enemies which use a spell called Lock All. This disables everything but normal attacks. However, defeating one of these enemies gives you 100 tech points each! The enemies here aren't that strong, but beware of the Lifeshaver attack which Gargoyles use. However, they all give lots of tech points, so try switching in different characters to learn lots of new techniques. The only disadvantage is how hard it is to navigate this place. Begin by heading north across some chains. Following this path will lead you to a treasure with a Lode Helm inside, as well as some good enemies to fight. Return to the entrance and head west and then up to reach the next screen. On the next screen, head left to fight a Rubble, then go back to the right and head north as far as you can (you should see a Save Point along the way). Head east across the chain to get some treasures, then head due west to find a treasure which contains a Barrier. Go back east a little to reach a point where you can go up to the next level of the ground, then walk west and around on that level to reach the next one. Head due north to get a Lapis, then cross the chain to the east to reach the area that will lead you to the next screen (there should be one treasure and one more Rubble before you get there). On the next screen, go north and get the Lapis from the treasure, then take care of the Man Eaters to your right. Continue east and get the two treasures there, then head north from where you fought the Man Eaters. From here on out it should be easy. To make sure you don't miss any treasures, I'll tell you now that there are four left, plus a Magic Tab right before the last chain (the one where the sky gets dark). After climbing this chain, you'll find a block of ice. Apparently, the Guru of Life is trapped inside. However, you must now face the guardian of this place, Giga Gaia. This guy will open with strong fire and shadow attacks (it's good to equip the Black Mail and Red Mail). To cut down on his healing and two-hand attacks, start by taking out the right hand (your right, not Giga Gaia's). It will eventually regrow, but you'll do lots of damage while it's gone. If you want to hit both hands, use the Falcon Hit. Once the right hand is gone, use all your strongest attacks on Giga Gaia's head (i.e. Cube Toss, Volt Bite, and Ice Sword 2). If you keep destroying that right hand after it regenerates, you'll cut this guy down in no time. When you win, Melchior (the Guru of Life) is released from his prison of ice. When he learns about the Ocean Palace, he tells you that Queen Zeal's quest for power has allowed Lavos to control her, and the more energy Mammon Machine draws out, the worse she gets. Suddenly, the Mountain of Woe starts to collapse, and everyone rushes back to the Terra Cave. Back in the cave, Melchior warns you that if the Mammon Machine is brought too close to Lavos, he may awaken. Suddenly Schala appears with Janus and tells Melchior that the Ocean Palace has been completed. However, Schala has now deserted Queen Zeal's cause, and has reopened the Skyways so you can stop her mother. However, Dalton shows up and kidnaps her. Janus also disappears, apparently hot on Dalton's trail

21. What Lies Beyond?

Talk to Melchior again and he'll give you an item called the Ruby Knife. It's made of Dreamstone, just like the Mammon Machine, and must be used to destroy the machine before it's too late. Leave the Terra Cave and save your game. You should probably take Ayla out of your party and put Lucca in instead (if not now, then at least do it once you reach the Ocean Palace). Use the Skyways to retrace your path to Zeal Palace (you should stop in Kajar to check out the new items at the shop, but don't say that the your Pendant is Schala's or the Nu won't sell you anything because you "lied"). Once you reach the palace, head for the throne room. There you'll find a disgruntled Dalton standing guard. You'll have to get past him if you want to get to the Ocean Palace. Regular attacks work pretty well on him, but he often counters with his Iron Orb attack, which can instantly cut your HP in half. If you want to use magic to make the fight end faster, go ahead; you can always refill your HP and MP in the palace. Actually, you'll have to use magic sometimes; when he says "go ahead, try and attack," normal attacks will usually miss. Once you beat him, he'll head through a portal to the Ocean Palace. Follow him.

22. Lavos Beckons

One of the first things you may notice about the Ocean Palace is its awesome music. Immediately save in the southeast corner and talk to Mune. You'll see a scene in which Schala is forced to raise the Mammon Machine to full power, slightly draining her own energy in the process. Head south and you'll be in a large room. Here (and throughout the palace) you will encounter enemies called Scouters, Blue Scouts, and Red Scouts. Contrary to what you might think, each type of scout is susceptible to the type of magic which matches its color (i.e. use fire magic on Red Scouts). Immediately head right and enter the next room. Step on the switch to fight two enemies: a Jinn and a Barghest. Destroy the Barghest first to lower the Jinn's protective shield. The switch will then activate a bridge in another room. Continue to the right and fight off the enemies in the next room, taking the Aeon Helm there as well. Head due west to get back to the main room. Head to the left side of the room and repeat the process you just completed (there are also some treasures to pick up this central room as well). After hitting both switches, head through the door in the southwest corner of the central room. Take the Shock Wave from the treasure and head south. In this room you'll find the SonicArrow for Marle (if you start at the door and head west around the outside of the room, you'll eventually find a secret room with the Demon Hit for Frog inside. Anyway, head east to reach another switch. This will open a new path in the central room. Return there by continuing east to get any treasures you missed. In the central room, a new path has appeared in the center of the south wall. Take it, and head down the stairs to your left. It will be a long trek with lots of enemies, but eventually you'll run into Masa (when two Thrashers or Lashers are together, beware their powerful counterattack. Use Lucca's Shock Wve to confuse them and avoid it). He'll tell you that the Pendant, the Ruby Knife, and the Mammon Machine are all made of Dreamstone. You will also find a Save Point in the next room. Use a Shelter if you need it, then head south to reach an elevator. You'll have to face a lot of enemies while riding the elevator, but they're nothing new (note that you can ride back up the elevator to get a Magic Tab, but you'll have to fight past a lot of enemies that you already dealt with again). When you exit the elevator shaft on the bottom floor, head for the two small rooms on the sides of this area. Defeat the enemies inside and activate the two switches. After doing this, return to the switch right outside the elvator shaft and step on it. A path should appear that will take you to a Save Point. Save and use a Shelter if you need it. You should also take Lucca out of your party and put in Frog instead. Also, equip items that will lessen or absorb the damage you take from water magic (Blue Mail, Blue Vest, and MermaidCap). Then head into the next room (oh, don't miss the Elixir near the Save Point). Dalton appears again, this time summoning two Golems to fight you. Like the one before, they copy the attacks you use. Attack using only water magic on them and they will end up healing you most of the time, so you can defeat them easily. If you have the Arc Impulse Triple Tech, this fight will end very quickly. Dalton is about to summon another enemy, when he suddenly senses a strange force and leaves the Ocean Palace. At this point, if Crono is wearing anyequipment that you particularly like, remove it from him immediately. You should also put your normal equipment back on. In the next room you'll find Queen Zeal, Schala, and the rest of the gang. Without warning, the Mammon Machine suddenly goes haywire. In order to stop it, Crono throws the Ruby Knife into the machine. When it hits, the energy from the machine transforms it into the Masamune! But that isn't enough to stop it, and Lavos appears. At this point, you have no hope of winning, and Lavos will probably defeat you with his first attack. However, the prophet suddenly takes off his cowl and reveals who he really is: Magus! He too has sworn to destroy Lavos, but for what reason he doesn't say. However, Queen Zeal appears and proclaims that even he can't stop Lavos. When Magus and Schala try to stop her and Lavos, they get blasted, too. Miraculously, Crono manages to get up. Despite his battered body, he makes one last attempt to destroy Lavos. But this, like all the other attacks, results in failure, and Lavos' blast completely incinerates him. There isn't even a body left. Before the Ocean Palace falls apart, Schala manages to send Magus and what remains of your party to safety. What happens now is all too familiar. As Lavos breaches the Earth's surface, lava is thrown high into the sky, wreaking havoc on Zeal's floating kingdom. The giant falling rocks, combined with Lavos' power, cause a huge tidal wive which wipes out almost everything. Your two party members awaken in a small hut. Crono is not with you (note: try to keep Marle in your party at all times while Crono is dead; you may see some very emotional scenes). An old man will tell you that you two were the only ones found after the Ocean Palace was destroyed. No one has seen Magus or Schala. The three Gurus have also vanished, but evidence suggests that they, as well as Janus, were sucked into Gates! Luckily, the Epoch is safe. You must now replace Crono with a third party member, which should most definitely be Ayla. You should still keep Marle in your party, but your third party member could be whoever you like. Save your game and head outside. In one of the others huts you'll find a Nu who will sell you supplies. Occassionally you can also get him to leave the hut, and you'll find a Magic Tab behind where he was standing. Head for the Commons. Talk to the survivors and you'll learn that the "Enlightened Ones" have lost their magic, but they're all right. When you talk to the old man you saw earlier, Dalton shows up with some soldiers. Now that Queen Zeal is gone, he claims to be the king of the world. Having seen the Epoch, he decides to take it and make it his personal vehicle, and then captures your party.

23. The New King

Your party awakens in a strange cell. All your equipment, items, and money are gone! It's a good thing you brought Ayla; she's the only one who can still fight without her weapons. Save your game and climb the ladder. When you reach the top, you see open sky. You're on the Blackbird! Now you have to find your items and escape. When you go back down the ladder, one of your characters will find a spot where you can press A to jump up into the ship's ductwork. While up here, you can stop on top of any lit area and press A to look through the grate and see what's on the floor below you. Head left until you reach a grate, then head as far south as you can. When you reach the last grate, look down and you'll see Dalton's men working on the Epoch! But you can't challenge Dalton without your equipment, so you'll have to worry about the Epoch later. If you want, you can return to your cell and approach the door. When you do, you can pretend to be sick, and then beat up the guard when he comes in. Until you find your equipment, Ayla will have to take care of any more enemies. Go out the door and head left. When you come to another door, go inside and defeat the Bashers. Open the treasure and you'll find your money. Leave this room and head south (you'll need to use the switch to change the direction of the conveyor belt), then turn left and go into the next door you come to. Defeat some more Bashers and you'll get your third character's equipment back. Next, return to your cell door, but walk past it and head north. Beat the Bashers guarding the door and go inside. Destroy the Byte here to reclaim your second character's equipment. Leave the room and head left, then take the conveyor belt north to the next room. Go into the door on the left and you'll find your items. Leave this room and return head to the right. Use the ladder here to get back up into the ship's ductwork. Head west and turn north once you reach a grate, then turn left at the next grate. You should come to a ladder. Climb down it and take the rest of your equipment from the treasure while the Basher sleeps. Now go back into the ductwork. If you want a Magic Tab, head right until you reach a grate, then go up, right, down, right, and up again. You should reach a dead end where you'll find a Magic Tab. Now return to the room where you found your items (the door to your left near the entrance to the second large room). Go through the door there and you'll find yourself out on one of the Blackbird's wings. Fight against the wind and you can fight the Turrets here. Like the Rubble you fought before, these guys can use the Lock All technique, but also give you 100 tech points each! After destroying a fw of those, make your way to the lower-left corner of the wing. Here you'll encounter the Golem Boss. This guy is a complete wuss, and you can beat him with regular attacks without taking any damage whatsoever (don't worry about his countdown - it doesn't do anything)! He may even run away! However, your next enemy won't be as easy. Dalton has now added wings to the Epoch, and he intends to use it against you! In order to stop him, your party will jump onto the Epoch to fight him. This guy is not easy. He counters physical attacks with the Iron Orb technique, so use magic. Be aware that he will counter magic spells with spells of the opposite type (i.e. using Fire 2 to counter a water spell). If you use Charm on him, you get an item called a Power Meal, which would be like a HyperTonic if there was one. This will not be an easy fight, so cure a lot. Note: I have occassionally noticed that Dalton will try to summon the Golem Boss and end up getting sucked into the portal that appears. This usually happens when I use Cube Toss. Climb into the cockpit and push the buttons your characters tell you to. You should activate the Epoch's new lasers and blow the Blackbird out of the sky. Land and return to the Commons. Some of the people there will tell you that a stranger appeared looking for you! Could this be Crono? They say he headed for the north cape, so head there right away. When you get there you'll see a shining object. Check it out and you'll find the person who was looking for you: Magus! You'll learn he was a citizen of Zeal Kingdom when he was young, and tells a story of how he and the three Gurus were sucked into Gates. He was Janus! Ozzie found him and raised him to be evil. This also explains why Melchior and Belthasar were living in other times, but what of Gaspar, the Guru of Time? You haven't seen him yet. Magus moves to say he tried to summon Lavos to his castle in order to repay him for what he did, but that was when you happened upon him. Ironically, he ended up back here when he was drawn into the huge Gate that appeared. In describing Lavos' awesome power, he mocks Crono, which gives you the chance to fight him. Don't do it! It won't help anything. All that really happens if you kill him is that Frog will become human again. However, spare him and he'll join your party before you leave! A few of his spells are missing, but he's still an awesome ally. Either way, Magus will tell you that there may be a way to bring Crono back... if you can find Gaspar.

24. The Time Egg

Leave the north cape and head for the Last Village (you should put Magus in your party right away). Buy any supplies and equipment you need from the Nu there. Then head for the Epoch. When you take off, you'll see something incredible. The Ocean Palace rises up out of the water and begins to hover above the ground! If you fly over to it, you can see its name is now the Black Omen. You're not ready for this place yet. Head back to 1000 A.D. Taban will give you the Taban Suit. Give this to Lucca right away. Then head for the End of Time. Talk to the old man there and ask him about the Guru of Time. However, all he says is how sad it is that Crono's gone. When you try to leave, he'll call you. Talk to him again and he'll give you something called the Chrono Trigger (C. Trigger in your inventory), which looks like an egg. With it, you may be able to get Crono back. He tells you to ask Belthasar about it. After hearing this, you'll realize that he's the Guru of Time! Head for the Keeper's Dome in 2300 A.D. and talk to Bethasar's Nu. He'll tell you that in order to bring Crono back, you have to climb Death peak, and you'll need an exact copy of Crono. Go to Crono's house and pick up the Clone (the doll in his room). If you haven't won it already, go the Tent of Horrors in Leene Square and play the 40-point game. Then return to the Keeper's Dome. The Nu will send three dolls off to Death peak to help you. Now head for Death Peak. Talk to the first doll and some trees will appear, which you can hind behind when the wind picks up. Use these to reach the next screen. The Krakkers here aren't a cause for concern as long as you defeat them quickly. Head to the far left to get a Magic Ring, then climb the rocks up the cliff and make your way to the next area. Here you'll encounter an enemy called a Macabre. There will be more of them later, but Magus' Lightning2 will take care of them. Head down into the lower area here and take the Wall Ring. There's also a Save Point here. When you're done, head through the cave to the north. Here you'll find a Lavos Spawn. This guy has two parts: a head and a shell. Whatever you do, don't attack the shell or he will respond with a monstrous counterattack. Instead, attack the head with single target attacks. His attacks are somewhat strong, so keep a close eye on your HP and use Cure as needed. When you win, take the Giga Arm from the treasure on the left and give it to Robo. Continue north to reach the other side of the cave. Outisde, head east and south to get to another part of the cave. Here you'll find a BraveSword for Frog. Head south and you'll be up on a ledge. To the north is something shiny. Walk up to it and press A. Another cave will open nearby. Return to where the Save Point was and go into the new cave. Inside is a StarScythe for Magus. Continue north and you'll find another Lavos Spawn. Beat it as you did the one before. Head west and you'll find the second doll. He warns you that the path ahead is slippery, and the winds will try to blow you off the ledge. Use B while running across and fight the wind by going up. On the next screen you'll find a VedicBlade. Crono could use this... if he was here. Avoid the Krakkers and head south a screen, then west a screen. The third doll will tell you to use a shell to climb on, whatever that means. Climb down the cliff to the west and take the Dark Helm, then save your game. When you head north, you'll have another Lavos Spawn to fight. However, when this one dies, its shell stays behind. Push it against the cliff to the northeast, then press A to climb up it to reach the cliff. You should now be at the summit of Death Peak. Approach the tree at the top and the Marle's pendant will start giving power to the Chrono Trigger, which floats up into the sky... and breaks! But then there's an eclipse. Apparently the Chrono Trigger was supposed to shatter when it worked. You appear at a moment frozen in time, just before Crono met his demise. Place the Clone in Crono's place and he will be restored to life (if you brought Marle you get to see her get all emotional, and it's a good scene).

25. The Fated Hour

Back at the End of Time, talk to Gaspar. He'll tell you the time for the battle with Lavos is near, but there are a few things you should do first to become stronger. He will then provide you with some hints as to what they might be. Luckily, you have me here to tell you exactly what they are. Some of your party members will also provide clues if you talk to them. Before you head of on your little quests, Ayla informs you that her village has a strong defensive item. Head back to Ioka Village and you will now be able to trade for Ruby Armor, which is very strong. If you stop at the Laruba Ruins, you'll also find a Nu. He can change your characters' names, and will also give you a SilverRock.

Sunken Desert

For this mission, you'll want characters with water magic. Obviously, Magus, Marle, and Frog make the best party. Assemble your group and take the Epoch to 600 A.D. Remember the woman with the plant in 12,000 B.C.? If you told her to plant it in secret, there should be a spot in the barren area between Dorino and Porre that looks like a whirlpool of sand. Nearby is Fiona's villa. Talk to her and you'll find that she now has the strange plant. She wants to plant it in hopes of restoring the forest, but there are too many monsters lurking around. Looks like it's up to you to clear 'em out, so head for the strange whirlpool: the Sunken Desert. Walk into the swirl and you'll wind up underground. The shifting sands make it hard to move around sometimes, but it's not that big of a deal. The enemies here have strong attacks, but can defeated easily after you use Ice 2 or Water 2 to lower their defense. In the first room there are four items you can get: a Lapis, an Aeon Suit, an Elixir, and a Full Ether. Head south to enter the next room. Here you'll see a strange skeletal monster, which is the one responsible for the Sunken Desert. It keeps going underground up coming up in a different place. When it comes up next you, you'll have to fight it. You'll want to fight it, but try to get all the treasures in here first (there are seven, and they're all good). Finally, it's time to face the Retinite. He looks a lot like Zombor from the fight at Zenan Bridge. However, he not only has a top and bottom, but a midsection. Use regular attacks on this first, because the other parts will try to absorb its HP. However, once it's gone, the other parts use strong attacks. You'll have to use a lot of Heal and Cure spells. To defeat it, concentrate on one part at a time. Use Water or ice to lower it's defense, then attack it with weapons until its defense is restored. Then use another spell. You will use lots of HP and items in this fight, but it is doable. Just be persistent and heal yourself a lot. Once you've beaten it, go back to see Fiona (there should be a Power Tab in the first rom now). Be sure to put Robo in your party now. Fiona says she can plant the seed now, but there revival of the forest will take longer than she will live. Robo agrees to stay behind to help. Jump in the Epoch and head for 1000 A.D. When the spot where Fiona's villa, you'll find a shrine has been placed there in her name, and it is surrounded by a huge forest. Here you can buy a new helmet called a Vigil Helm; get lots. Here you will also find Robo, who has been waiting for you for 400 years! In celebration of their reunion and the restoration of the forest, the whole gang decides to have a campout in the forest. Robo tells you he may think that Lavos is not the one who created the Gates. He has come to think that some outside force wanted then to travel through time. There is then a large discussion about why people's lives flash before their eyes, and they decide it must be because of regretting things that the person about to die wanted to change. In the night, Lucca wakes up when she hears strange sounds. Take control of her and head to the right to find a new Gate. Traveling through it takes her back to the year 990. If you've ever seen Lucca's mother, you know she has lost the use of her legs. This is the day that happened. Check some of Lucca's house and you'll find a piece of paper that says the name of Lucca's mom is a password. Head to the main room and you'll see Lucca's mom become trapped in a conveyor belt that is about to crush her. Walk over to the machine and you'll see a shining spot on it. Press A on it and it will ask for a password. Enter the name of Lucca's mom, Lara (L,A,R,A). If you're fast enough, you can stop the accident from happening. Back in 1000 A.D., talk to Robo and he'll give you something called the GreenDream. For those of you who are Final Fantasy III fans, it functions the same as the Life 3 spell.

Ozzie's Fort

For this mission, you should still keep Magus and Marle in your group. Crono makes a good thrid member, but the enemies you'll face have good items that you can steal, so you might want Ayla instead. Take the Epoch back to 600 A.D. and head for the continent where east of Magus' castle. Here you'll find Oziie's fort. When you go inside, you'll learn that Ozzie and his fellow Mystics now consider Magus a traitor to their cause. In the next room, you'll run into an old friend, Flea! He's a little stronger than the last time you fought him, but you should be able to beat him easily. Continue northward until you reach Ozzie's next henchman, Slash. Again, stronger than last time, but easy to beat. In the next room, Ozzie will try to trick you into taking a treasure which is booby-trapped. Ignore it and walk past. If you do this, a Green Imp will try to take it. The booby-trap will take care of, letting you get the treasure. More importantly, check the south wall near the stairs here and you'll find a secret paasage. Inside are the DoomSickle, Gloom Helm, and Gloom Cape for Magus, as well as a Magic Tab. In the next room is the major battle. You must take on Super Slash, Flea Plus, and Great Ozzie all at once. Each of them is more powerful than before, and they will counter every attack you make with combo attacks! To start concentrate all your firepower on Super Slash. He is the only one who responds with a dual tech instead of a triple tech. It's also a fire attack, so if you're wearing Ruby Armor there's nothing to worry about. Use Charm on him to get the Slasher 2, which is a good weapon for Crono. Using Cube Toss will take care of him quickly. Next, turn your attention to Flea Plus. From him you can steal a Flea Vest, an accessory that increases magic defense. However, he will probably run away as soon as you hit him. As for Great Ozzie, he's a piece of cake, but don't forget to steal the OzziePants. This is the strongest helmet in the game, but it confuses whoever wears it. Take the treasures and run after Ozzie. This fight is reminiscent of when you fought him at Magus' castle. Just hit switches until you find the right one and he falls into a pit. With Ozzie defeated, your work here is done. However, go to Medina Village in 1000 A.D. and you'll find that the Mystics are much friendlier than before. The inn and shop are even cheaper than most human stores, so buy whatever you need before continuing with the game.

Geno Dome

Robo and Marle are absolute musts for this mission, but your third character could probably be whoever you want. Take the Epoch to 2300 A.D. and check the map. There should be a small island to the southeast. Here you'll find the Geno Dome. Go inside an Robo will unlock the door by using the computer on the left. However, something doesn't seem right. In the next room, step onto the conveyor belt and you'll have to fight a large amount of minor enemies to proceed. Max Cyclone works well here if you bring Crono. In the next room, use the switch on the wall to open the pod next to it. It doesn'y really do anything itself, but there is another switch which opens another one that does do something. Head left and then north to find it (you'll have to fight some Proto 4s). There is also a computer here which offers information about various things in the Geno Dome. Take the Full Tonic, then head northwest to find a room with three switches. Make it so only the center one is green and a nearby pod will open them (note that the Laser Guards will self-destruct if not killed in one hit, so don't attack them with Marle or Lucca). Then step into the pod next to the computer to energize Robo. Step into the newly opened pod to open the door and take the small doll. Energize Robo again and open the door near the entrance to this room. In here you'll find a few treasures. Outside this room, there is a door to the right which opens without being charged. Inside is an elevator which takes you to a Save Point. Go into the room next door and pick up the Power Tab. Continue north until you reach another elevator which leads back downstairs. Head south from there to fight some enemies. You may notice one of them walking through a wall to get at you. After you defeat the enemies, walk through that wall to find a switch that reverses the conveyor belt. Hit another switch where you fought the enemies to lower a security beam. Now retrce your steps back to where you got on the first elevator. Just north of there is a room with some Proto 4s and treasures. Now, head for the energizing pod and energize Robo. Run to the room you were just in, but don't enter it. Instead, get on the conveyor belt to the left and ride it northward. Get off at the left and enter the pod to open the door (there will be a switch to hit). Take the treasures, then walk over to the robot. He will follow you around now. Take it to where you first entered this room by running back across the conveyor belt. Then head left and use it to disable the other robot and take the second doll. There is also a Vigil Hat here. Now that you have both dolls, go back up the first elevator and save your game. Head south and pick up the Lapis, then turn left. Here you'll encounter Atropos, a "female" robot who was a friend of Robo's. However, whatever is controlling the other robots has gotten to her as well. She orders Robo to destroy the humans before speaking to their "mother". However, Robo won't allow it, so he fights Atropos alone. Atropos XR is no easy match, though. She has nearly all of Robo's attacks and is usually faster than him, as well. If you equipped the Rage Band, it will help a lot now. Use Robo Tackle on her (anything stronger isn't worth the MP), and use Cure Beam when your HP is low. When you win, Atropos snaps back to reality, but she's too damaged to be repaired. However, she does give Robo something which automatically boosts his speed and magic defense. Before continuing, dash at the switch on the wall to jump and hit it. Inside is a MegaElixir! Head left and climb down the ladder. Take the money from the treasure and head north. Here you'll find a machine that is killing humans, but in order to stop it you'll have to destroy the central computer. Head out the right door, however, and you can get a Full Ether. Now return to where you fought Atropos and head northwest. Defeat the Laser Guards and place the dolls on the green circles to open the large doors. Here you will find the Mother Brain of the computer controlling the robots. When Robo refuses to join her, you'll have to fight her. The three Displays behind her will constantly heal, so destroy two of them. If you destroy all of them, however, the MotherBrain becomes too strong to defeat, so leave one Display intact. Since it replenishes about 1000 HP every turn, use the absolute strongest attacks you have. As long as that one Display isn't destroyed, this should be an easy battle to win. If you use Crono as your third party member (like I did), a combination of Uzzi Punch and Ice Sword works well (don't use Ice Sword 2 or you'll destroy the Display). Upon your victory you'll receive the Terra Arm and Crisis Arm. The Crisis Arm becomes stronger when Robo's HP is low, but it's too risky to use, so equip the Terra Arm instead. Robo will also tell you that the human-terminating machine has been deactivated.

Sun Palace

For this mission, you'll need to use party members with the highest speed ratings, but don't take Marle out of your party. Your destination is again in the year 2300. South of the Keeper's Dome you'll find the Sun Palace. Here you'll encounter a strange enemy called the Son of Sun. Don't attack him directly or he'l counterattack with Flare spells. Luckily, your Ruby Armor should block most of it. The trick to beating this guy is attacking the flames around him. However, you must guess which one is the right one in order to hurt him. There's no way of knowing which one is the right one; even following it when it shuffles doesn't work. You just have to guess. Once you inflict enough damage, the flame around the Son of Sun goes away and it runs off. Chase it and it will turn into a Moon Stone. Go back to 65,000,000 B.C. and place it in the Sun Keep in the northeast corner of the map. However, when you go to 1000 A.D., you'll find that it has been taken. Go to the Mayor's manor in Porre and you'll see a strange light. However, the mayor is a selfish man and denies having seen the Moon Stone. You should also go to the Snail Stop here and buy some Jerky, even though it is expensive. Now, head back to 600 A.D. and go to the Elder's house. The woman there is desperate for Jerky, and offers to pay 10,000 G for it! However, you should give it her for free. After seeing how kind you are, she vows to teach her children about being generous. Return to 1000 and the mayor will gladly hand over the Moon Stone. Put it back in the Sun Keep and go to the year 2300 with Lucca in your party. She'll take the fully charged Sun Stone back to her place and use it to make the WonderShot, he most powerful weapon. Taban will also create the Sun Shades, which increase the strength of your attacks.

Northern Ruins

For this mission, Frog will need to be in your party. The rest of your party should be strong magic users, namely Magus and Crono, since they can cast Lightning2. If you fly to the southeast in 1000 A.D., you'll find the town of Choras. Also here is the place called the Northern Ruins. This building is very old and damaged, and is haunted by tormented spirits. In the first room, you'll encounter a ghost who fights you and cannot be beaten. Frog thinks it may be his dead brother, Cyrus! Leave this place and go back to 600 A.D. One man in the Choras cafe complains that his tools have been stolen. Zip back to 1000 and find a similar man at the inn drinking soda. He will offer to lend you his tools. Just go to his house and talk to his wife to get them. Back in 600, give the tools to the man whose tools are missing. Go back to his house and speak with him after this, and he'll run off to repair the ruins. However, he only gets part of the job done, since there are lots of ghosts wandering around. Getting around in this place should be fairly simple. Just go anywhere you can and kill all the enemies. They are somewhat strong, but Lightning2 and Dark Bomb spells should make quick work of them. When you run out of places to go, get the repairman to fix more of the holes. Note that there are some treasures that can be opened using Marle's pendant. Check them by pressing A, but when it asks you to open them, say no. Like the colored vests before, these items will power up if they have had a chance to react to the Pendant, and in 1000 A.D. they will be stronger. After you've gotten the stronger ones, you can always return to 600 to get the weaker ones, too. However, the most important thing to find is the tomb of Cyrus. Here, the Masamune will be powered up, making it the strongest weapon for Frog. Besure to put it back on, as well as the Hero Medal. Once you have this, go back to the Denadoro Mountains with Frog at the head of your party. Find the Free Lancer who throws rocks at you and let him hit Frog a few times. Eventually, he'll catch one of the rocks, which turns out to be the Gold Rock!

Giant's Claw

For this next trip, only one group will do: Crono, Ayla, and Marle. All three of these characters are vital to your success here. Head back to Choras in the year 600. At the cafe you'll find Toma, the guy you saw in Dorino who was looking for the Rainbow Shell. When you speak to him, he asks you to hold his drink for him (Toma's Pop). He says he may know where the Rainbow Shell is, and wants you to pour this on his grave if he doesn't make it back. Head to1000 A.D. You'll find Toma's grave just northwest of town. Read the headstone and you can pour the soda on it, causing Toma's spirit to appear. He tells you that he found the Rainbow Shell on a large island northwest of here named Giant's Claw. Return to the year 600 and fly to the island Toma indicated. There should now be a cave there that you can get into. Inside, you find the remnants of the Tyrano Lair where you defeated Azala! The enemies here are basically just stronger versions of the ones that were here before, so don't worry about them too much. Just remember to use Crono's lightning spells on the Gigasaurs and Leapers. When fighting Fossil Apes, you can avoid counterattacks by attacking the one that is farther from your character. After passing through Azala's throne room, head left to get a Sight Cap. Next, head through the opening on the right. This room should look familiar. Hit the center switch and save your game, then step on the left switch and drop to the floor below. Here, step on the left switch to go through the skull and get a Power Tab, then go south. In the next room, climb down the ladder to your left to pick up a Full Ether and another Power Tab. Continue walking counter-clockwise around this room until you reach another opening, but don't enter it just yet. Just above it is a partially hidden treasure containing a Blue Rock! In this next room, continue southward to reach the next opening, but don't miss the treasure with the Lapis inside. In the next room, you may be able to sneak past the Leapers to reach the left skull. Walk through it and go upstairs. In this room, you can use the switches to drop your enemies into holes. First, check the room on the left to get a FrenzyBand, which works like the Rage Band, only better. Next use the right door. Here you'll find two Rubbles, the enemies who give you 100 tech points each! Put in your party members who need tech points while you're in this room. Put Crono, Ayla, and Marle back in your party if you took them out, and proceed through the right opening. Open the egg here to drop down to the next floor. Leave the cell and go up the left stairwell to find yet another Power Tab. Now go down the stairs to the right of the cell to reach a Save Point. Save your game and use a Shelter if you think you need it. Once you've done this, hit the switch by the cell door to your left and go inside. Here you'll find a ancient boss from way back when: the Rust Tyrano! When you try to sneak past him, you're in for a real fight. He uses a countdown to a very strong fire attack on your whole team, but your Ruby Armor should block most of it. Luckily, the Rust Tyrano has... well, rusted, so his defense is very low. Use all your strongest attacks, like Volt Bite, Ice Sword 2, Cube Toss, and Triple Kick if you have it (you'll deal the most damage per turn using a combination of Luminaire and Cube Toss). Once you've beaten him, head north to find the Rainbow Shell. However, it's too heavy for the three of you to carry, so your party asks King Guardia to have his soldiers take it and store it in the castle. Take a nap in the bedroom before returning to 1000 A.D. Go back to the castle and you'll find that the present king, Marle's father, is on trial! Climb the stairs to the right of the entrance to reach the courtroom. The chancellor says that the king sold the Rainbow Shell for cash, but the king denies ever hearing of the Rainbow Shell. In order to prove his innocence, you'll have to find it. Head down the stairs to the ground floor. There should be some stairs to your right. Head down them and you'll overhear two mosters gloating about how their boss intends to frame the king. You must now battle a series of very wimpy monsters in the basement. However, there are some very good treasures down here. Eventually you'll find the Rainbow Shell, which you can take a piece of and return to the courtroom. However, the king has already been pronounced guilty! Luckily, Marle arrives and shows everyone the piece of the Rainbow Shell, proving the king's innocence. However, the chancellor reveals his true identity: Yakra XIII! This guy may seem impressive, but he's only a mediocre boss who doesn't require any major strategy to beat. Just watch out for his needle attacks. When the battle is won, Marle and the king finally set aside their differences. Melchior also shows up, offering to make some weapons out of the Rainbow Shell. However, before you follow him, head back to the courtroom and check the sparkle on the floor to get the Yakra Key. Use it to open the treasure in the stairwell and release the real chancellor. Then head down to the basement and talk to Melchior and he'll ask you what you want. You must choose between a PrismDress or three Prism Helms. The PrismDress is stronger, but only girls can use it. The Prism Helms are probably the better choice, especially, since there may be a way to get both later on if you take them. If you have the Sun Stone, he will also make some PrismSpecs, which are better than Sun Shades, as well as an incredibly powerful sword for Crono called the Rainbow. With this sword, you will score critical hits 70% of the time!

It is now time for the final stage of your adventure. Your next destination will be the Black Omen. This will be a huge challenge for your characters, so make sure your levels are at least in the high 40's. If you have the time, it might be worth trying to reach some high levels; you'll need everything you can get in the upcoming battle. Note: at levels 72 and 96 (I think) Ayla's Fist will change to Iron Fist and BronzeFist. These new weapons aren't any stronger than the usual Fist, but they have other special attributes. Crono, Ayla, and Marle make the best party in my opinion. Spend some time learning techs if you're missing some - you'll be needing them all. When you're ready, head for the Black Omen in either 12,000 B.C., 600 A.D., or 1000 A.D. (sometimes it's best to go to 1000, becuase you can go through the Black Omen again in earlier time zones). Even before you get inside, you'll be fighting against some Laser Guards. As soon as you get inside, you'll know that you're up for a real challenge. Queen Zeal immediately sends a boss after you. Luckily, this Mega Mutant isn't particularly strong. However, he's only the first over several bosses you'll face. Magic will help you end the battle quickly, though (Cube Toss hits both parts). After this boss, you'll face some enemies called Incognito. Wait for them to lower their shields before attacking. In the next room, you'll find a Save Point by walking past the door and heading right (watch out for Goons - magic usually heals them). From here, head up two rooms and you'll find some interesting enemies called Boss Orbs and Side Kicks. The Boss Orb uses Lock All, but the Side Kicks can give a combined total of 200 tech points, so put in people who need to learn techniques when you fight them. Make your way through the room after this and you'll come to a transporter which takes you to an elevator. While going down this elevator, try using Ayla's Charm on the enemies. The Ruminators (who attack each-other for HP) will give you MegaElixirs! The room after the elevator includes more Boss Orbs and Side Kicks. Just before the door, check the left wall to find a treasure containing 30,000 G! The next room is a real treat. There are two Ruminators, a Boss Orb with Side Kicks, and also two Flyclops (from which you can steal a Gold Stud!!!). Both of the paths after the Boss Orb lead to the same door, but the right one includes a treasure with a Magic Seal inside. The next room holds a half-dozen treasures which all have good stuff inside, as well as two Nu. One will sell you items, but the other will send you out of the Black Omen if you say you want to wake up, so don't do it. There is also a Save Point here. Press A at the north wall to open a door and proceed. In the next room, you should probably run from the Tubster (his counterattack hurts a lot), but see if you can steal a Power Tab first. Fight past the enemies in the next room after that, but don't miss the ZodiacCape in the treasure in the northwest corner. The next room has lots of Boss Orbs and Side Kicks, but there are other enemies as well. In the next room, there should be a treasure on your left part of the way down, and then another in the lower-right corner. Pass the door in the next room and pick up the Speed Tab first. The next room contains some pretty weird enemies (you can steal Magic Tabs from the Aliens, but beware their instant-death counterattack), but there is one Boss Orb with four Side Kicks. Be sure not to miss the three treasures, too. There is a Save Point in the next room, so make sure you use it. Next you must fight the Giga Mutant. He is vulnerable to only magic, so Ice Sword 2, Cube Toss, and Luminaire work well on this two-part boss. However, he will try to sap your MP, so be ready with Mid Ethers and the like. Save again before heading to the next room. After this, you'll take a transporter and go up another elevator. Get through the next room and defeat the four Panels to access another Save Point (don't forget the treasure). Now you'll face the TerraMutant. This guy is a cinch. Concentrate your magic on the upper half, and it will drain HP from the lower half. When the lower half is gone, he's dead meat. Take the treasures and save again before continuing. A few rooms later, you'll have to fight a Lavos Spawn, but this one is a little stronger than the ones you've already faced. However, the same technique of attacking the head still works. Defeat the Panels in the next room and save your game (you can hit them all with a well-placed Falcon Hit). It's time to face Queen Zeal. Her Hallation attack can drop you all to 1 HP in one round, so be ready to heal. Aside from healing yourself, there isn't any prticular strategy you need. Just hit her whenever you can (I can usually get by with just physical attacks). After you've beaten her, she'll have you fight the Mammon Machine. The Mammon Machine is a fairly easy enemy. It converts magic into offense and physical attacks into defense, but other than that, it sucks. Just beat on it however you like. The next fight takes place atop the Black Omen. This time, Queen Zeal transforms into a big face and hands. The bulk of your attack should concentrate on the head, but you can steal a PrismDress and Prism Helm from the hands. However, the hands have counterattacks, so don't hit them very often. Zeal can cast spells of any element, but she isn't that tough in this form as long as you concentrate on her face. However, she still uses her Hallation attack on occaision, so be careful. When she's beaten, the Black Omen is no more, but Lavos has emerged.

26. The Final Battle

Lavos will assume the stats and abilities of several of the bosses you've faced before. Just beat them the same way you did earlier in the game (Lavos even gives you time to heal and switch party members between fights). However, when Lavos lets out his trademark roar, be ready to fight his true form. This guy's first attack can sometimes wipe your entire party out, and it doesn't get a lot better. Use strong magic to get rid of him before he can do a lot of damage. At first this guy might seem too easy for a last boss. Well, you're right. After ripping his head off, you must go inside Lavos' body to finish him off. Be sure to save your game and use a Shelter (it's the last time you'll ever need one). The Gate can be used to return to the End of Time if you wan to. To get back here use the bucket which goes to 1999 A.D. (if you use the Epoch, you won't get the right ending to reach "New Game +"). Head north to find the inner Lavos. This guy has three parts, and like before, his first attack can easily wipe you out. Concentrate your attack on the arm to your left until it is destroyed; if you do this, he can't use that first attack anymore. When the first arm is gone, go for the second. The main body is not vulnerable until you see a message saying "engaging main body", unless you destroy both arms. Once the main body is activated, hit it with everything you have. The main body will cycle through attacks in the following order: Obstacle, a poison attack, a Fire spell, and then an awesome attack called Shadow Doom Blaze. Make sure that all your characters are healed before he gets to Shadow Doom Blaze, or you'll be in big trouble. Just make sure you're prepared whenever Shadow Doom Blaze comes around, and you should be fine. Still not challenging enough? Guess what - you've just reached the last boss! This boss is composed of a central creature flanked by two small pods or "bits". Contrary to what you might think, the center creature is not your main enemy. The actual Lavos Core is the bit on your right! Its defense is extremely high, but there is a way to get around that. To start off, start hitting the left bit with physical attacks (it's immune to magic). It should die after taking a few thousand HP of damage. When it's gone, the right bit will lower its defense in order to revive it. Once its defense is down, hit the Lavos Core with everything you have. However, you must still watch out for the central enemy. His attacks are very powerful, so don't be afraid to use those MegaElixirs you got in the Black Omen. Right after the left bit is revived, the Lavos Core's defense will still be down for a little bit, so you can hit all three of your targets with a Falcon Hit. Anytime the left bit is revived, just kill it again and the Lavos Core will lower its defense. Keep it up, and victory shall be yours in no time.

Back home, Crono is acquitted of his charges, and you are allowed to enjoy the last night of the Millennial Fair. However, after everyone says their goodbyes at the Gate, Crono's mom wanders into it while chasing the cat! Head south and talk to the king to see the unveiling of Nadia's Bell, and then it's of into time again!