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Story of Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

The story begins when a young teenage boy awakens in 1000 A.D., present time. His name is Crono. He attends the Millenial Fair, and decides to visit his best friend's, Lucca, display. In his rush to her, he runs into a girl of his age, who calls herself Marle. Marle is actually Princess Nadia of Guardia Castle. Marle disappears in the portal when she tries Lucca's display. Crono chases after her. In 600 A.D., the time Marle disappears into, you meet Frog, a talking amphibian who was once a human named Glenn. Together, you try to find the Queen of his time and return Marle to safety. In her wisdom, Lucca discovers the warp hole and creates a gate key. Throughout the game, you zip in and out of times meeting different characters. Robo is found in 2300 A.D., Ayla is found in 65,000,000 B.C., and Magus is found in 600 A.D. The unision of these characters, and the ripping through time all lead to one thing- the eventual destruction of the Earth. These 7 characters are the only hope for the world. They learn that a great creature, named Lavos, has been feeding off of the planet for centuries, slowly destroying the life on the planet. His actual attack takes place in 1999 A.D. Save the planet, and destroy Lavos before he destroys the life of the planet, and begins his destruction of the universe!